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Why You MUST Have an Email List & How to Grow One!

I may earn money or products from the links or companies mentioned in this post, no worries, no spamming or advertisement overload, simply helps me keep my blog up and running!

Let’s be honest though… nobody really gets excited over receiving newsletters. So the question is, how do you use your email list to keep your readers from wanting to spam it? Here is a list of “non spammy” emails that are likely welcomed and looked at in the ol’ inbox that they can use and will be reminded of your brand/services:


Printables: Making printables that are related to your brand is a great way to help your readers put their own ideas to work for them. Brainstorming, organizing, planning, etc… a printable is easy to make, and you can provide a download upon subscription, also a way to entice them to join your list if they haven’t already! I created a nice blog post planner printable that helps my readers layout their individual blog posts, with a social media sharing checklist and a place for them to revisit and write what worked and what didn’t work for their post.

Free Consults: Offering a free consult with your clients is a great way to make that initial contact. If you offer consulting services, or estimates, you can send out an email newsletter with information about the actual consult, what they will gain, how much it typically costs, and then a place for them to sign up to make a consult appointment. It can be a physical or virtual consult, many people offer virtual chats, phone calls, or even Skype consulting making it super easy to do from your desk without having to give away too much of your time and effort.

Coupons/Discounts: A discount is always welcomed, and appreciated. When making a promotional offer, be sure to discount something that will not end up costing you money. Also, think of ways to discount something while promoting the purchase of something full price that will pair nicely.

Free Product: Okay, so this one is tricky, and it is more beneficial if you are offering free time vs having stock in product and losing money from those who just want the free item and don’t intend to follow through with your lead goal. For example, my current summer promotion is “FREE Facebook set up/face lift and 1 promotional graphic with any web design purchase.” Buy one get one is a great combination for services that are more focused on payment for time as long as the ratio is cost effective for you. You can offer a free items, however these are hard to guarantee return customers and have an out of pocket expense.

Free Resource Library: This is one of my favorites, and I have many that I have subscribed to myself. Having a link only accessible to your subscribers. This is a great way to entice people to sign up for exclusive access to a list of your resources that will benefit them related to their need for your business.

Facebook Group Membership: What business wouldn’t thrive on a large network for making relationships within the field? Subscribers will enjoy an exclusive group dedicated to people like themselves hunting for tips tricks and ideas in the subject area! This is also a great way to have access to make announcements/promotions for your subscribers/followers.

Tutorials: Sending out an exclusive tutorial post, or video is a great way to promote a product! Show your readers how they can use the product, perhaps some other ways they wouldn’t think about, and then having a link to purchase the item easily accessible in your email!

Behind the Scenes: Sharing news that goes on behind the scenes within your business is a great way to establish a more personal relationship with your readers. Let them see the real you, maybe highlight a charity you have done work for, welcome a new family member, or show off  an accomplishment you have achieved be it a good game of golf or a nice relaxing day on the beach!


Ideas & Inspiration: Pinterest is a great way to share your ideas, and inspiring information relative to your brand/company. This is a great way to make a “pinteresting” email showcasing a few things that your readers could benefit from while being relatable to your brand/services/products!


Challenges: Invite your readers to a challenge, you can incorporate your social media nicely with this option, by having them “like” a certain post and make a goal. Once the goal is met, you can make an offer that they would like, or choose a random winner out of those who participated to win something! Remember to make your challenge obtainable, and be sure to follow through with the reward, naming the winner publicly!

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