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This is the perfect option for just starting out. You will receive 4 ads of the same size for your business / blog to use however you would like. These would be great to post once a week. You will receive 4 ads at once, we will interact monthly to make plans for what you need! Sales//Contests//Shout Outs//Website Link//New Items

This is for the person looking to 3 platforms supplemented with one ad a week. Perfect for those using share sites for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...


Want to focus on 1 platform? I will design 15 ads/graphics for you. This will be great for an active status on any social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc... each month. Are you just launching your brand? Have contests, or updates often? This is a great package for going full speed on one platform! These will be delivered at once, and you will be able to save and use them as you wish as many times as you'd like!! (Have a special day each week? "Throwback Thursday?" "Fan of the week?" This is a great option for you!


Want to have more time to focus on your work without having to learn and manage social media? I can admin your page for you this will rely on email correspondence from you with request for updates as you need them.) This includes up to 15 custom posts (planned or as they come up and can be mixed both custom graphic and or links/text), interactions, engagements, insight management, referrals, message response and direction around the clock. Includes response automation.


Subscriptions are auto renew and will remain active unless you unsubscribe when you no longer need my services. Doing so is easy:

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you do decide to cancel, please be aware you may see one more purchase on your bank statement depending on your cancellation date. If you have any questions, please contact me!