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How to Make a Swoon Worthy Sidebar

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Your sidebar is the main attraction of your site, as it remains up for all to see on every page. Want to make your reader’s bounce around on your site and stay for a while? The perfect sidebar should consist of elements that tell them who you are, what is it you do, how they can learn more, and be interactive with easy to access contact information. Need help finding the widgets/plugins? Here are a few of my favorite WordPress plugins:

About Me: A Quick blurb at the top of your sidebar not only is warm and fuzzy upon landing on your page, but it also gives the reader an idea of what you and your page are about! This isn’t your full bio, so something short sweet and inviting should be here and a cute pic is always nice too! (head over to my “How to make a sidebar about me photo” post to get your sidebar linked image set up!)

Simple Social Icons: These are the cute little icons typically showing near the top (I have mine just under my about me photo and intro.)

Instagram Feed: This widget allows a smaller version of your Instagram feed to appear. This is important to have for people to follow you, as it has a “follow me” button at the bottom that instantly connects them.

Pinterest Pinboard: This plugin adds your favorite pins much like the pinboards on Pinterest. It uses the original thumbnails from Pinterest itself.

Facebook Like Box Plugin: facebook widget publish your facbook page post & show your facebook page fans.

Twitter Feed Widget: Easy Twitter Feed Widget plugin uses the Twitter widget without creating an API to display tweets on your WordPress site.

Contact Form Widget: allow you to create beautiful contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other type of forms for your site in minutes, not hours!


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