Domain Set Up and Connect

Are you literally JUST starting and have no idea how to set up your site and just want it done?

Let me register and connect your domain name for you! Just tell me what you would like, I will see if it is available and purchase/register/connect it to your new site.

What if I don't have a domain, or don't want to purchase one?

That is fine! You will be given a domain for example,

If you want a domain like then we will have to register and set it up!

What if I already have a blog or site set up?

If you already have a website/blog (for example at,,,) and would simply like to obtain and  connect a custom domain, you can purchase this alone:

I need a website/ blog setup too!

Need the whole thing? You can purchase it below, by selecting +domain registration and setup (please see the description and terms for this purchase here.)

Domain setup only: $30.00

Domain + Website/Blog Basic Setup: $175.00