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10 Easy Toddler Hair Styles

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My 3 year old was a bald baby, we didn’t see hair until around 2… and finally we have enough hair to play with!

What we use:

Fine Tooth comb

Water Spray Bottle

Gel (we use star wars gel, she loves it!)

No Break Elastics (damage free they slide right out!)

Toddler hair is SUPER fine! It’s so hard to get it all together for hair styles so we use these items to help gather it all together. We start by misting her hair with the spray bottle, and then adding the gel around the edges. The comb we us is super fine, and has a tail (rat tail comb) so it is easy to divide hair for parts. The elastics are nice because they are tiny and slide out, without pulling and breaking hair! So here are the top 10 Hair styles we  love, you can find more on our pinterest board at the bottom of this post!




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